Several decades ago, when cars and electricity did not exist yet, a proud colonist had decided to settle along the Richelieu River. He cleared and ploughed his land and he planted grains to grow various cereals. Quickly, he realized how rich the land was and he saw the opportunities that he could take advantage of. At that point, he decided to build his own farm to breed animals.

Generations came and went, and François-Xavier Poitevin became the owner of this plot of land. Years later, in 1861, his son took over the farm. Through the years, technology has developed and the farm was specialized. Ernest Bourgeois, Marguerite Poitevin’s husband, continued to run the farm.

In 1961, Ernest Bourgeois’s son, Marcel, married Solange Préfontaine. They became co-owners of what proved to be an example of success among the Quebec’s agricultural environment. A dairy farm with about one hundred heads of Ayrshire cattles, the farm was awarded with many prizes for the quality of its animals. Furthermore, the familial sugar house was welcoming groups of visitors during the maple sugaring season. Every member of the family participated in the farm chores: milking, seeding, harvesting of hay and grains, competitions, etc. Nothing stopped Marcel from living his passion for agriculture. Not even the fire of 1987 which destroyed the cowshed. Ferme St-Ours continued to exist with the assistance of friends and family members who helped save the animals at the start of the fire and, later, helped rebuild the building. Together, Marcel, Solange and the families took part in various competitions such as the agricultural exhibitions of St-Hyacinthe, Sorel, Ottawa, Toronto and Quebec, in addition to the bull championships.

In 1993, after a wonderful career, Marcel and Solange decided to bequeath their shares to their interested children. What a surprise it was for them to learn that their daughters would take on the family business. Indeed, it was Martine and her husband Serge, both agriculturists, and Chantal, a chartered accountant, who took over the farm. They took the opportunity to change the direction of Ferme St-Ours for the poultry production. This orientation started modestly with a quota of 20,000 brown hens, housed in the old cowshed that was reorganized as a hen house.

The three owners, graduates of agronomy and accounting, kept their respective job, while managing the farm. Serge was in charge of farm operations, Martine was responsible for nutrition and Chantal took charge of the administrative aspect. Once again, Ferme St-Ours innovated, since it was hard at that time to even imagine working on a farm and having another career at the same time.

In 1996, Ferme St-Ours built a piglet nursery, but sold it two years later to buy the Ferme Avitech, in Ange-Gardien. Since, the farm keeps growing, while still remaining in the poultry field and diversifying its production. The farm’s values are innovation, respect and authenticity. The proof stands in the owner’s numerous projects.